La Galette Des Rois

There’s a tradition here in France called La galette des Rois where a figurine or bean (or another tough object that won’t melt in the baking process) is baked into a cake. The cake is then cut up and each person gets a slice – the person whose slice contains said figurine then becomes King for the day and everyone has to do what they say (the cakes come complete with a cardboard crown!).

A few nights ago our new Australian, American, and Irish friends took part in this tradition.

Most people wanted to find the figurine more than they wanted to eat the cake, so by the end of it our plates looked like a cat’s breakfast. Okay, correction: by the end of it, my plate looked like a cat’s breakfast. I’d taken the liberty of forking the shit out of my apple-flavour desert in search for this figurine and ended up with a plate of mush and, to my disappointment, no figurine.

Emily ended up finding it. And in case you’re wondering what the figurine was of, ours was a Na’Vi from James Cameron’s Avatar. Yep.


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