Nice Parking, Bro.

As seen on Cours de la Marne.

I may have received a bunch of Instant-Fails on my driving test for not obeying road signs, but at least I received full marks when it came to parking. Just sayin’.

Oh, and lots of cars here are missing side mirrors. Something about them being ripped off by other cars because n00bs here can’t drive in a straight line. Driving in a straight line is something I can’t do, either. So yeah, cars, right?


5 responses to “Nice Parking, Bro.

  1. I was driving today… I did much better than this.

  2. Why is it always Asians getting the gripe for stupid driving when it is really the Europeans who can’t drive straight or park off the curb?

  3. Well the other stereotypes about asians seem to be true. I have met 3 chinese students at my new share house this week, each time I assumed they played dota and each time I was correct.

  4. Clearly he wanted to park, so he thought – SCREW IT I’M PARKING DAMMIT. Perhaps we should be thankful it wasn’t a Hummer or Honda-CRV.

  5. They must have very low curbs over there!

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