Paris Games Paris Paris Paris!




I was recently in Paris again (for the MIRRIONTH time) and discovered a bunch of independent gaming shops. The lovely journalist, Chris Pepper, had given me directions to these shops before but, given that I have no sense of direction or spatial awareness, I could never find them.

On my most recent trip to Paris, I wandered down Boulevard Voltaire towards Republique (I was coming from Metro Voltaire, which is where I was staying), I stumbled across a string of videogame shops, all right next to each other. It was as if every independent game shop in Paris got together and went: “HAI GAIZ! YOU KNOW WHAT? WE SHOULD BUILD OUR SHOPS NEXT TO EACH OTHER, COMME ÇA! YEAH! YEEEEEAAAH!”. And that’s what they did.

It was kind of nice to see shops that weren’t GAME or Micromania. For a start, they stocked games that were actually interesting and kind of obscure. They also weren’t as cold and sterile as GAME and Micro. Here are pictures!



6 responses to “Paris Games Paris Paris Paris!

  1. Oil Panic game and watch…. DO WANT

    Buy me and I’ll send you cash and creepy dead animals

  2. That’s a heck of a lot of games, and your last photo made me giggle.

  3. Oooh, Game ‘n Watchgasms galore!

    May I ask the name of the shop with all the retro gear?

    • All the indie shops stocked retro stuff! If you just go to that strip on Bouldevard Voltaire and walk into any of the stops you’ll find something.

  4. naww cute hair ^^

    I love video game can art 😀
    Mario & Final Fantasy ones go down well..

  5. Please tell me you bought the entire orgiastic street of gaming goodness! I was scrolling and just audibly – wow, WOW, WOOOOWWWWW…

    Cute hair is cutes =]

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